Green Services, Leadership In Energy & Environmental Design, LEED Facilitation, Energy Modeling, Mumbai, India
Design Green From The Beginning....
Green Services we offer are:
• Feasibility Report Preparation
• Facilitation assistance for    meeting LEED requirements
• Energy Modeling for LEED
• Fundamental and Enhanced   Commissioning of LEED certified   buildings
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About Our Company

Optimizing building components in isolation tends to pessimize the whole system & hence the bottom line. One can actually make a system less efficient, simply by not properly linking up those components. If they are not designed to work with each other, they will tend to work against each other.
Indian Economy growth of approx 9% over past few years is largely contributed by IT and ITES sectors. Malls and Retail industry are also growing at more than 12%. The flip side of this growth is immense pressure on energy resources causing ill effects of air and water pollution, green house gas emissions and global warming.
In order to achieve sustained growth with ecological concepts in mind, where today's wants are met without sacrificing tomorrow's needs; we serve to design and develop plants and buildings on Eco-friendly & energy efficient concepts. These services not only optimize initial investment, but also reduce operating expenses substantially.
Services Offered :
•  LEED certification for Green Buildings including :
      • Feasibility report preparation
      • LEED facilitation
      • Energy Modeling
      • Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning
• Design as per Energy Conservation Building Codes (ECBC)
• Blue Print Audit of Proposed Design & Services
Technical assistance in MoEF clearance
Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Benefits